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Colombia - Elkin Guzman El Mirador (Carbonic Maceration)

Colombia - Elkin Guzman El Mirador (Carbonic Maceration)

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Country: Colombia
Region: Huila
Varietal: Tabi
Process: (Washed) Carbonic Maceration
Altitude: 1550 - 1750 MASL
Flavor Notes: Root Beer Float, Mandarin, Pistachio

Finca El Mirador is a family farm that spans back 80 years. Today, producer Elkin Guzmán and his mother Fanny Vergas operate 32 hectares of land with good organic matter that helps grow nutrient rich trees. In a world of coffee differentiation, Finca El Mirador is experimenting and evaluating the variables that improve the quality of their specialty green beans, and they are proud to provide their excellent product to coffee drinkers, everywhere. The area of the farm is 31 hectares, where there is sandy-loam and clay-loam soils with good conditions of organic matter that help to provide excellent nutrition to the coffee plants. Their coffee cultivation is managed under semi-shade systems to optimize the temperature regulation and photosynthesis effect in our coffee trees.

El Mirador's work center is in MACERATED, NATURAL, HONEYS AND EXOTIC processes
for which they have taken into account some considerations:

  • For these coffees we can work with any variety, where the starting point is a
minimum degree of ripeness of 90% and an average Brix degree of 20-24.
Their pickers are trained to achieve this objective and guarantee this first
quality filter.

  • After the coffee arrives at the milling area, it is floated to eliminate by density
those dry grains, broken beans, leaves, and voids that could affect the
homogeneity of the fermentation process, in addition to improving the physical
quality of the coffee (yield factor).

For more than 13 years they have carried out different fermentations to our coffees
according to the varieties or profiles that we want to highlight in the processes.


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